I'm experiencing Inauguration Day

I'm here writing at 2:15 am can you believe this. Well I'm sure by now we all know that today is a very BIG day in history.  Many of us never thought this day would come in our lifetime unless you're Stevie Wonder who said he saw it coming. It's a very special day for me and I'm glad I am able to go and participate in the experience.  It is now 24 degrees outside but feels like 11 degrees; this is also another example of how important this is because I really don't think I would be doing this for too many other occasions. The plan is to head out there around 4 am which is when the subway opens but my mental alarm have me up way before the time.  The concert had about 400,000 plus in attendance so I can only image what this will be like. My friends and I will be going to the Inauguration first, then trying to make it to the parade if at all possible. A very good friend of mine thinks to have mapped out the route so I'm waiting to see how this plays out :)  Over the last couple days of being in Washington DC I have seen America come together. Everywhere you go in the city everyone is on their best behavior. Gentlemen offering their seats on the train to women, extra tickets given out to my friends, everyone sharing the experience on how excited they are and its just great seeing folks from all across the country uniting for one cause-CHANGE.

As for the photography part of my trip, so far it has gone well. I do hope you guys will enjoy the photography I return with. I did attend the concert and due to the amount in attendance I wasn't able to get the shots I really imagined but I thought I made the best of what I had to work with. I thought of an idea while at the concert and immediately started working on it and hopefully today will add to my idea.  I'm sorry for not bringing my laptop which have delayed the picture postings :( but as soon as I can post them I will have them up.

With that said I'm gonna try to close my eyes and get some last minute rest ( I doubt it will happen) then I will be off to the Inauguration with my friends. Stay tuned for more to come and yes the images that everyone wants to see that was captured through the eyes of Roger B.