FACES OF CHANGE ---Image Series

On January 20th I saw a nation unite like never before. People came from across the globe to Washington DC to celebrate CHANGE. Standing in aaww, I was amazed on the numbers who came to support President Barack Obama and his inauguration. I felt an energy in the air like no other. I was very cold and my toes were num, but my heart was warm, filled with admiration and hope. Although, millions of people attended I felt very lucky because not everyone was able to attend. Through my photography I wanted to share my journey. Of all inventions for mass communication I believe that pictures still speak the most universally understood language.

Due to the large crowds I wanted to show a different point of view. I didn't want to give my viewers the general crowd shots. I started to look around me and saw interesting methods and ways people were staying warm and protecting their faces from the cold. This became the focal point of my photographs. I thought, what was hidden behind the scarf, the hats, and the hoodies. We all came together for change, but were still uniquely defined. It takes many different kind of people to make a nation and that's what the foundation of America is built on. I am very pleased with the outcome.

Would love to know what you think about the series.

Series can be view on my main page at www.rogerbstillz.com then click on gallery then on FACES OF CHANGE

Just wanted to thank my friends --Bjorn,Doug,Eric/Tamika/John&his family who was like my tour guide around DC and a special thanks to my friend ROSLYN and her family for the great hospitality.  One last thanks goes to my friend GIAN