Weekend of the Super Bowl

This past weekend I headed out of town with a very good friend of mine to spend time with my dad since it was his birthday. I consider myself a very entertaining character and I've also been told that. My dad is also an entertaining character so you can imagine what my friend had to cope with. We got in late friday night and relaxed for the remainder of the night. Before I headed out of town I had two photoshoots lined up one for saturday and one for sunday. These models I have communicated with throughout the week to arrange the shoot and really thought things would work out especially from the phone conversations we had and it really sounded like they were interested. Well on the way to my dad on friday night I got a text saying something was wrong with model 1 car and she had to get it towed so she wouldn't be able to make it.  I have been dying to do this shoot and was very excited needless to say I was very pissed. I'm staying in the tampa area and she resides in the Gainsville area and I offered to pick her up because I really wanted to get the shoot accomplished but no answer from her. She texted me back a day or two later saying she couldn't have me come and get her because that would not be fair to me hmmmmm sounds like B.S. to me. Model 2 still haven't touched base with me. A few things about Roger--I'm very impatient but I'm working on being more patient. This is just regarding models--don't cancel on me.

Enuff about the models they are now history. I took my friend to a private zoo however it was close because they were having zoo day.   Zoo day was more about getting the community involved and aware. Folks were able to spend up close and personal time with a few of the animals. My favorite animal there was the baby tiger. I saw the tiger about a month ago and I even petted him. When I saw him on saturday the tiger had almost doubled in size. I can just image how big the tiger will be the next time I see it.  

After leaving the zoo I stopped by my friend Felicia to say hi. Quick info about Felicia--she loves animal and have several horses. I took a few photos of Felicia interacting with the horses that I have posted. Maybe I will start photographing animals because I know they wont stand me up LOL. We then headed back home to celebrate my Dad's birthday and call it a day. Sunday we slept in late spent some more time with my dad before heading back home to Miami.


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