Jamaican Getaway

Towards the end of May my work will be on display in the design district. So I took it up on myself to go and gather new images from one of my favorite places; Jamaica. On friday I met up with my good friend Arri and we roamed the town. We started off in Halfway tree and ended up in Jones Town. I'm sure many of us who are Jamaicans and live in the Kingston area have never been in the heart of Jones Town. I find that hard to believe especially when its less than 15min from where a lot of us reside in Kingston. Jones Town is govern by certain law so you just cant walk up in there and start photographing; however, we were equipped with the proper tour guide that made things a bit easier. Along the way I photographed some interesting images. I took an image of a 95 year old lady that I thought was very interesting because in that kind of environment I never expected that someone could survive that long facing all the challenges they go through. Some of the challenge people in that area face mainly the kids are lack of education because they cant afford it. There's a small school that I came across but not sure how educationally fit those that claim to be teachers are. This put the system in a cycle thats difficult to over come. I came across a church sign that had about 11 bullet holes in it and I will showcase that image in May. The folks I met along the way were very nice folks. The kids were amazing and full of energy. I want to thank my friend Arri that always try and reach out to these kids. Arri has helped raise the funds to send these kids abroad to see a different side of the world and with good deeds like that hopefully the cycle of things can change for a better future for the kids. This is also one of the reason that we were welcome in that area.

We sometimes take what we have for granted but a trip like that made me realize how bless I am. We all have our own struggle but if we can help just one person make it to the next level there is no reason why we shouldnt,

On Saturday I headed out to Hellshire Beach. If you're not from Jamaica, Hellshire Beach is known for the best seafood on the island.

On sunday I met up with my friends and we went out to shoot again. We went somewhere in St. Thomas and found an old abandoned building that we decided to photograph. This building remind me of something you would see in the X-Files. We had a blast shooting and after we stopped to get some drinks because it was our friend David Madden's birthday. Thanks to Arri, David and Gian who made this a successful trip.

The images from this trip should be showcased in my May exhibit and I will keep you posted as the date gets closer. This Saturday you can find my collection of images titled "Faces of Change" in the Abro Gallery. Viewing will start from 7pm-10pm on March 14th at 2137 NW 2nd Ave. Miami, FL 33127. My work will be on display till around the 1st of April but I recommend you coming out on Saturday because you get to view many other artist work as well and not just mine. ArriAlien-towerhellshire-beachDavid Celebration