Making what you have Work

My day started off cleaning up then I decided to link my friend JusBus to go and scout a location for an upcoming shoot we are planning. When we got to the location to my disbelief the entire warehouse was demolish. This is a warehouse that I have shot in on numerous occasion and now its totally gone. To say the least that i was disappointed is an under statement but as we all know life is about adapting and moving on. I decide to check another location and its the journey to and from that location that presented my opportunities. I'm sure we have all heard the phrase "when one door closes another one opens" well that seems to be the case today. Everywhere we turned today we found the opportunity of creating great images. Being prepared in any scenario is the ultimate, but working with what you got and making what you got work is Talent. Often times we say that if we only had this we could do this but in reality half of the times we really dont need all the extras. Some of the most celebrate images we admire were created with point and shoot cameras. So instead of waiting to get that dream camera that you always wanted get out and start shooting and this applies to any craft. Start making what you have work. The images below were created today with the bare minimum meaning just the camera, my eye and the sun.Everyone wants to go to HEAVEN, but no one wants to DIEJusBus

Thanks to JusBus for the inspiration today. If you're just getting into photography check out the work of Annie Leibovitz who also helped inspire me today.