Bombs Away

It's been a while since I've done a shoot because I've been on the road traveling lately. On my way to the shoot when Im getting off the exit I heard a noise when I hit my brakes; I'm like how could this be? I just got my brakes replaced during the week. I kept driving a bit but that wasn't working out so I had to pull over and park my car. What a way to start off the shoot right? Anyways the shoot had to go on so I just called the tow truck while shooting because we all know they take forever to get to you. So finally I'm shooting this idea that I had in my mind for the longest and now I have it in the physical to show :) I haven't started editing the pictures yet and Im please to say I like the look of things so far. I must thank my makeup artist Clivia who is always on time and I hope she keeps it up :) thanks to my model Dominique and the stylist Jazmane who did a great job of what we had to work with. I don't think that the black booths gonna make the cut though Jazmane lol. Thanks to everyone for making my idea come to life. Pictures will be posted soon so stay tuned to my website The Team

Why they look like that I don't know LOL Maybe because it was very HOT when we were shooting :)

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there and to the fathers that play the role as a mother :)