Another Episode of Shooting

Today I wished I had a camera crew following me around because the things that took place were very interesting. I got to the location before everyone to scout out a few things. Everyone was pretty much on time except for one of the models but she made it up in performance :) so Im not mad at her. While waiting on the late model to arrive one of the other models locked her key in her car and that took about an hour to get opened but luckily she got it open without paying a cost. In the future I will require certain things from models in order to shoot with me. I was thinking maybe having their IQ checked, maybe have them fill out a questionnaire, or maybe quiz them on photo-shoot manners. Anyways the shoot did go on and I'm please to say I like what I have seen so far. After the shoot we walked around a bit looked at some art and shot random things.

After leaving the beach we headed to another shoot. Thanks to my boy Slim from SLim City for his co-operation and who is always up to roll for the cause of Photography no matter the task lol

Special thanks to Gian, Dwayne Watkins (, Desire, Shelah and Jasmine and also Pizzavolante for providing us with Food and drinks. If you are ever in the Design district area make sure you check out Pizzavolante for the best pizza.

Stay tuned for pictures coming soon walk on South BeachClassic Fiat