M.O.V.E- Motivation, Opportunity, Vision, Entertainment

This past weekend I had the privilege of working with a very talented young lady by the name if Nicole Johnson. We set out to create a dance video for her organization called M.O.V.E = Motivation-Opportunity-Vision-Entertainment. Move is an effort that promotes awareness and raises funds for rising issues. It's also an effort that provides today's generation and generations to come with brotherly responsibility. By giving back to our communities and serving as our brothers keepers we are removing the attention from ourselves and learning to uplift. Uplifting each other leads us to our ultimate goal of a genuine united community. When I move the sky is the limit and I hope my movement can serve as inspiration for others wanting to move.

Below are some images taken from video clips. Stay tuned for the finished product coming soon. http://www.rogerbstillz.com