Doritos Ad Competition

I recently found out about Doritos Ad competition for the Super Bowl and immediately got to work. With the last minute help from my friends I was able to create two ads that I submitted. For the "Doritos Rescue Ad" I would like to thank Fatz, Xavier, Maria, Regina, Jenna and Collin for helping to make this happen with such short notice. It took swimming in very cold water on several different attempts to make this happen and again I just want to say Thanks. Below is a link where you can view the ad

For the "Eaters Ad" I would like to thank Fatz, Collin, Xavier, Aniela, Jo-Ann, Slim City, Startimekid and Stanley who all responded on such short notice. I had a blast filming this and everyone was great. Thanks once again. Below is a link to view the Ad.

Last but not least I would like to thank that one special person who is always pushing me to create and create at my Best.