I Had A Dream

I Had A Dream visuals were inspired by author Rob Hill Sr. This is the forth one of his audio that I've attempted to add my visuals to and I think this one is my favorite one so far. I recently took a trip to London and Paris and I wanted to film a few things that would remind me of my journey. However, I didn't want to show the norm which would just consist of your average amateur destination video. So I put some thought into it and the video below is what I came away with. Special thanks to my editor Collin who always encourages me to go out and shoot and we will make something out of it. Thanks to my main actress in the video, Sharea who took time out of her busy school day to show me around London and to be a great participant. In case you were wondering about the parts that I'm in ---- well the scene with me in front of The Louvre-- I stopped and asked an elderly lady who looked to be somewhere in her 60's to film me. She was a little hesitant at first but I showed her what to do and did a few walk thru with her then left the rest for her to capture. It was a quick shot in the video that took a few tries but it worked. I don't remember her name but I thank you sweet elderly lady. In return I took what I'm sure was an awesome picture of her and her friend in front of The Louvre. The Love Lock Bridge Scene - again I stopped a random person. This time she was a 16 year old Brazilian who happen to speak English. After convincing her, her aunt and her mom to borrow 5min minutes of their time I setup the shot for her and then showed her how to capture what I wanted. The result worked and I thank you Gifreitas98. I was told that half of life is about showing up. I showed up in Paris and pleased with what I came away with. While we don't always get what we want, we always get what we choose. The scene with me in the bed room was captured by my friend Jessie (thanks Jessie). Everything else captured by me, myself, and I. No special equipment besides my camera and the knowledge of knowing what to capture. Hope you enjoy the video but most importantly I hope you pay close attention to the spoken words in the video that motivated me to go out and create. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gg49zyL_cWc]