Nothing Ventured

One of my few mistakes were trying to shoot both short films in one day. That should have been a big no no. I spent about 1.5hrs just creating my shot list and on the day of the shoot I forgot it. So I had to go off memory for the shots needed to make this story happen. The good news was I had one of my favorite actress on set and a great team that I assemble to bring the project to life. We did make it happen and below is that product. Thanks to great cast and great crew who were able to overcome all the obstacles we faced and special thanks to Flowers By Judith, YoungTheHyphenate, and the creators of the 50kisses. [vimeo]

A Ghetto Punk Romance

I came across a short film competition called 50Kisses and decided to give it a try since I have never shot a short film before. Below is that product. We filmed this with no budget but thanks to my generous crew and cast we were able to pull it off. I ran into a few obstacles but no one really cares about obstacles we just care about the finish product so I will spear you the details. Specials thanks to Collin, YoungTheHyphenate, Johnson's Firearms, Patrick Sage and everyone else involved; your efforts were greatly appreciated. Special Thanks to the 50Kisses team as well for creating a project like this. [vimeo]