My Visit To London & Paris

It's noted that traveling broadens your horizons and that's exactly what it did for me when I recently visited London and Paris. I decided to visit London due to a short film project I was a apart of and I'm glad I went. I felt like a kid due to all the first time experiences I encountered like seeing the London Eye, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, London Bridge, Palace of Westminster, Tate Modern and so many more that I've only read about. I felt like a new me was rediscovered. There were many things I loved about London. It was easy to get around, the people were so polite, there were lots to see, lots to do, everyone was pretty much a walking fashion statement etc. One of the few things I dislike was their cuisine. The food was very bland and being from Jamaican and South Florida that's a taste my taste buds aren't familiar with.. Another thing I didn't like was the cost of things. If you're an American and go over there basically your money will be cut in half lol. Thanks to my beautiful friends Sharea, Keesha and Catherine for being such wonderful host to me. It's great to experience other cultures and some how this experience has left me with a new found enthusiasm for exploring. Tower Bridge

Big Ben

London Eye

While in London I took the Eurostar over to Paris to do some more exploring. There I visited Notre Dame, The Louvre, The Arc de Triomphe, The Avenue des Champs-Elysees, The Love Lock Bridge, and the Eiffel Tower. I found getting around in Paris a little more difficult, maybe thats due to the language barrier and I found the people to be a little more impertinent (not all of them). It's also more expensive than London. Overall I enjoyed Paris. I finally got to capture my own images of these famous monuments even though the weather wasn't the best. If I had to choose between the two I would definitely pick London.

Love Lock Bridge

Avenue Champs-Elysees

Arc de Triomphe

Eiffel Tower

I embarked on this adventure by myself with an open mind and an open heart. Although I made the trip alone I was never lonely. I made new friends that I know will be a part of my future. Many people travel for different reasons, regardless of the reason its a big event. The right trip can be one of your greatest experience. The unknown can be thrilling and its a vast world of unknown out there. If you don't have a passport I suggest you get one and explore a new destination as soon as possible. It could be a new you waiting to be discovered.