Tracey & Rohan Wedding Highlights

Congrats to my friends Tracey & Rohan on a beautiful wedding. [vimeo]

Directed by: Roger B Stillz Photography: Team DWP Makeup: Paul March Song Licensed from The Music Bed & Bambino Music Getting Ready: Sea Star Villa, Portland Jamaica Ceremony & Reception Venue: Dragon Pointe, Portland Jamaica Trash The Dress: Trident Hotel & Blue Lagoon, Portland Jamaica

Portland by GoPro


The above is a highlight video of one of my many weekends in Portland celebrating my friend Tracey's birthday and engagement. We had a blast as you can tell from the video. The entire video except for two shots was filmed using GoPro Hero2 camera that was mostly attached to my head during our adventures.

The Sweet Escape - Part 2

This past weekend I found myself back in Portland celebrating my friend Tracey's Birthday. Before arriving in Portland my flight was delayed due to bad weather and that made me miss rafting on the Rio Grande at midnight along with Rohan's proposal to Tracey. Little did I know that this would be more than just a birthday celebration. It turned out to be a birthday celebration and also an engagement celebration. Congrats Tracey & Rohan. If the birthday/ engagement celebration was any indication of what to expect from the wedding then I cant wait :) We stayed at the lovely Avalon Villa located pretty much on the Blue Lagoon. The villa consists of four luminous bedrooms, 4 baths, a spacious user-friendly kitchen, expansive living room; and a gorgeous hardwood deck that reaches out to shallow, crystal clear waters ensconced by coral reef. With all of Tracey's close friends staying here we definitely had enough space to accommodate us all. The view from Avalon was simply indelible. Our Signature Chef has been besieged with accolades. He dazzled our taste buds with amazing dishes inspired by a fusion of Jamaican and International culinary styles. The staff was also amazing, catering to any of our needs. Needless to say I experienced tropical serenity daily.

The birthday party was amazing and it could be a while before someone top this. Of course this is Portland so it rains but that didn't stop the party it just made the party that much more exciting.

The rest of our time was spent exploring the Blue Lagoon, Kayaking, climbing Monkey Island, photoshoots on San San Beach, climbing Reach Falls and sipping Mojitos. If you haven't been to Portland go and plan your vacation there now.

Congratulations once again to Tracey & Rohan and thanks for an amazing weekend.

Portland - The Sweet Escape

I had the pleasure of spending my weekend in Portland, Jamaica. Portland for many of you who don't know is known for its beautiful scenery and fine beaches. The parish lies in the direct path of the northeast trade winds, and the Blue Mountain ridge to its south traps the moisture causing the parish to have the highest rainfall in the island. Basically its Baby-making weather. Portland is also home to the world-famous Blue Lagoon, which is believed to be the crater of an extinct volcano. The lagoon is an almost landlocked cove with approximately 55m (180 ft) of water. If you're looking for a place to get away and temporary forget about your worries Portland is the place to go. Thanks to Ruth, Joanne and Shauna for a great time.