50 Things About Jamaica

50 friends spoke about what's one of their favorite things about Jamaica. Many of us may not reside there permanently but it's still considered home. We are a small island and the world knows who we are. Let us continue to make our island proud by doing good on our part both home and abroad. Congrats to all the leaders who have contributed in the past 50 years to make us who we are. Our work is far from over and we must continue to make our island better for the youths of the next generation. A special congratulations to all our athletes who represented for Jamaica in this 2012 Olympics. Happy 50th Jamaica.


Turn Up The Heat

She want a man weh can turn up the HeatGive her the touch & mek her heart skip a Beat She need a man weh can put it on Sweet Give her the loving mek she feel Complete

Shi want a man weh can turn up di Heat

The above are lyrics from Cham new song titled "Back Way" if you haven't heard it make sure you check it out. Listen: Back Way Video for Back Way coming soon