50 Kisses World Premiere

About a year ago I filmed my first short film titled "Nothing Ventured" which was part of a larger filmed titled "50 Kisses." The premiere took place in London on February 13th and I decided to visit London for the first time and be apart of the world premiere of 50 Kisses. The movie basically consists of fifty short films that's put together to make one movie. Over 500 people attended the premiere. The red carpet were filled with future film-makers who all had something to do with the production of 50 Kisses. It was a learning experience for me and I'm glad I participated in the competition and glad I made the trip for the premiere. Special thanks to my cast and crew because it wouldn't be possible without them and thanks to the creators of 50 Kisses for allowing so many to participate and be a part of a one of a kind project.. I was also able to bring back home to Florida the award for "Winning Production Team"

Roger B Stillz on the red carpet

50 Kisses Awards

Director Roger B Stillz and actress Sharea Samuels

Director Roger B Stillz