Dwayne Nelson - Gone But Not Forgotten

Last year this time i woke up to some disturbing news that my good friend Dwayne Nelson was murdered in Kingston, Jamaica. Dwayne was a great friend of mine and I'm sure many can say the same. I was fortunate to have met such an outstanding individual and he will truly be missed. I shared a lot of great memories with Dwayne. One of the many things I admired about him was his musical talent and you had to really know him to knew such a talent existed with him. Dwayne had numerous songs written in his memory and walked around with them engraved in his brain. I was always amazed by how he could create such art and not even put the pen to the paper. He had a song called Strange Land that I had him read to me so I could write it down. What follows are some lines from the song: I'm living in a strange land with strange faces, seen so many strange things in strange places, Feel like a stranger, always felt my life was in danger, but now I get to understand how things changes, I sit to make a plan and it rearranges.

I interviewed Dwayne for a project of mine that didn't really manifest. The video below contain excerpts from that interview and interviews conducted the day we found out he passed away. For many this will provide a chance of seeing and hearing his voice again. For others it could be painful. Until we meet again my friend I wont give up along the way and I hope I would have been as successful as you in touching the lives of others.