Happy 51st Jamaica

Three years ago, I created an image for Jamaica’s Independence. It was an unofficial image I wanted to dedicate to my homeland. Since then, I’ve decided to release an image on or around Jamaica's Independence as a form of giving back to the country I love. The previous photos for this occasion were taken in the United States, but this years creation is the first in the collection to be taken in Jamaica. Capturing this image required my model and I to board a 20 ft. bamboo river raft for a 1.5hr cruise down the beautiful, slow flowing, River Grande. Although I was somewhat unprepared for the journey, the natural beauty of the environment ensured that I wouldn’t leave without getting the shot. The ride itself was tranquil. The accompanying sounds of the flowing river and nearby birds created an unparalleled environment. It’s not everyday that I’m surrounded by such beauty and get to enjoy it without interruptions, so I made sure to soak it all in. The beauty of the journey wasn’t the only thing I soaked up along the way, I was also hit with a full dose of the hot Jamaican sun. Unfortunately, I forgot my sun block and paid the price. Next time I’ll be sure to ride on a raft with covering, so I won’t get burnt at all. As we approached the land formation known as Lover’s Rock, I quickly realized that it was more beautiful in person than in the pictures I had previously seen. The bamboo raft slowly made it’s way towards the rock and I informed the captain that I wanted to take a few stillz. He didn’t object, especially when I added a beautiful model to the scenery. It took two passes through the rock’s passage and a few shots to capture the image, but the extra effort paid off.

Ernest Hemingway once said, “it’s good to have an end to journey toward; but it’s the journey that matters in the end.” The journey down the iconic Rio Grande is what inspired the creation of this image I dedicate to Jamaica for 51 years of independence. Special thanks to my model and my darling friend Kerry Ann Clarke for their roles in this shoot. I hope you enjoy it.

My goal in creating these images is to top them each year and as I create one I ask myself what should I do next? Somehow, I end up topping them each year. This year’s image is a little early, being that Independence is still 3 weeks away, but the reason you’re getting this image now is because it has already been topped. This year Jamaica, you’re blessed with two images. With the next one being released closer to Independence Day, I can assure you that you will be entertained, so stay tuned.

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