Prostitute Gets Paid Using The Square

This is my 2nd installment of my Square/Box Project and this time instead of a homeless guy we are faced with a prostitute. Incase you haven't read my first post regarding this subject matter let me get you up to speed. One afternoon at Art Walk in the Design District I had to make a purchase. I’m not the type to really walk with cash I’m more your card person. Not sure if I would be able to make a purchase without having cash on me but that afternoon I was in luck. After placing my order I expected to see your average credit card machine that you would normally see in the stores. However, the young lady pulled out her Iphone, swiped my card using the iphone and I signed using her iphone. A receipt was then emailed me to.

I was so amazed at what just took place and I thought this was the coolest thing. Immediately my mind starting getting ideas. Ideas like imagine if I homeless person had possession of this (my first video) or what if a prostitute had possession of this?

If you’re in business The Square might just be the App for you. The video below shows a prostitute using The Square/Box and shares some advantage of using this mobile app. Stay tuned for part three where I show you how a Pharmaceutical Street Engineer puts The Square/Box to use.