Pharmaceutical Engineer Accepts Payment Using The Square

The third installment of The Box aka The Square is here. This time it's from the angle of a Pharmaceutical Engineer and how it helps his business strive in this recession. If you haven't kept up with the previous two you can read about the conception here


Homeless Gets Paid With Square/Box

One afternoon at Art Walk in the Design District I had to make a purchase. Now I'm not the type to really walk with cash I'm more your card person. Not sure if I would be able to make a purchase without having cash on me but that afternoon I was in luck. After placing my order I expected to see your average credit card machine that you would normally see in the stores. However, the young lady pulled out her Iphone, swiped my card using the iphone and I signed using her iphone. A receipt was then emailed me to. I was so amazed at what just took place and I thought this was the coolest thing. Immediately my mind starting getting ideas. Ideas like imagine if I prostitute had possession of this, imagine if a drug dealer had possession of this and imagine if a homeless person had possession of this. Now I'm sure we have all been approached by a homeless person asking for change and we tell them "I don't have any change/cash on me" well what if they replied I accept credit cards lol What would your reply be?

If you're in business The Square might just be the App for you. It comes with one simple rate of 2.75% per swipe on all cards, next day payout with automatic direct deposits to your bank account. The setup process takes five minutes or less so you can take your first credit card payment in minutes. Last you get a Free reader and the download app is also Free Visit their website for more details at

The video below is my spoof on the square that I called The Box. Hope you enjoy it and stay tuned for Part 2 - Prostitute Accepts Payment Using The Square/The Box Part 3 - Drug Dealer Accepts Payment Using The Square/The Box.