Bury me face down

The story for the Image is as follows: I heard my dad joking around saying when he dies he wants to be buried face down so the world can kiss his ass. Upon hearing that I immediately thought of creating the image to fit such a saying. I have never seen it done before so I set out to be the first to accomplish such a task. The first challenge was to find a funeral home that would allow me to do such a crazy thing. It just so happen that I knew the perfect person to call for a recommendation and he came through. After meeting with the funeral home to scout the location Im sure they thought I was crazy but I guess being naked in the coffin they just had to see. The next challenge was to find someone willing and brave enough to do the shoot. Of course I get a lot of No's, HELL NAW IS U CRAZY, and some others but all it took was one YES. After that first YES I arranged the shoot the following day so she wouldn't have much time to think about it lol. I was a bit nervous that she wouldn't show up but she did and I would like to thank her and all those who help me to pull this off. Not every one will find this image interesting and if you are one of those people; I don't give a damn.

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Memorial Weekend

My trip to Washington, D.C. was an exhausting one.My first stop was at Arlington National Cemetery with my dad to pay Tribute to the over 300,000 men and woman who are buried there. While at Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day I noticed many school kids on school trips visiting the National Cemetery. My dad decided to do a quick pole to see if any school kids, teachers, or adults knew anything about the constitution of the United States. So he asked who knew the 5th Amendment? No one knew. No one knew anything about the Constitution of the United States. How can they know if they are losing their rights if they don't know they have them? You don't know what you have until you lose it and then it’s too late. What did they think all those soldiers who are buried in Arlington died for if not for the Constitution of the United States and what it stands for. Freedom!

Memorial weekend and Memorial Day for me was always about partying it up and having fun but this trip to Washington made me realize that its about those who fought for this country so that I have the FREEDOM to party and live like I do.

On Sunday I attended the run to the Wall with Rolling Thunder. I was up at 4am and arrived with my dad at The Pentagon Parking Lot at 5:30am. The huge parking lot would eventually be filled to capacity with over a half million motorcycles. Rolling thunder is a protest, not a parade. Rolling Thunder is asking for accountability for our K.I. A (Killed In Action) and our P.O.W.'s (Prisoners Of War). I thank Artie Muller of Rolling Thunder for what he and his organization are doing and for the huge part that he let my dad and the Veteran Tribute Bike play in Rolling over the past 3 years. Rolling Thunder is truly is one big family re-union (over one million strong). They are a big huge band of brothers. They have been there and done that. They cannot relate that experience with anyone who hasn't.

Gold Star Mothers are those mothers who lost their sons or daughters in war. My heart goes out to them for their tremendous sacrifice. Gold Star Children are those children who lost a mother or father in war. It was an honor and a privilege to see them sit on the Veteran Tribute Bike.

After two months of doing a lot of traveling; I’m finally back home now. This trip showed me that American citizens take their freedoms for granted. It is my hope that the documentary being produced will stimulate some interest and awareness towards our vets. The funds raised during the filming of the documentary, after expenses, will go to U.S. Vets who are doing a great job helping the less fortunate. 1/4 of our country's homeless today are Veterans. You can help. So if you love and enjoy your freedom, don't just thank a Vet, donate to the organizations which you feel will help a Veteran in need. Donations don't have to be just money ; it can be your time or anything you have to give. They need your help not only on Veterans Day or Memorial Day. They need your help everyday.

Special Thanks to my Dad -- Robert Harris - " Sky Soldier "Rolling Thunder Parking LotThe RideFreedom Fighters