Miami Carnival 2009

Miami Carnival has been an Annual Event since 1984. Within two years of its inception, it had grown from a small neighborhood festival to an international event. This past weekend was no different. I enjoy carnival and all that it has to offer like the music, the food, the celebration, the photography it allows me to capture and the beautiful women. I did not enjoy how long it took to get the bands in the park. I met with my friends in the band around 11:30am and we did not get in the park until around 8-9pm. By then I had gotten one hell of a tan that I did not anticipate. I also dislike that they did not seperate the masqueraders from the crowd. Besides that it was a great event as usual and looking forward to checking out Trinidad's carnival very soon. Miami Carnival 2009 Miami Carnival 2009 Miami Carnival 2009