My T-Shirt Project

This past weekend was the 25th Anniversary of Miami Carnival. For the celebration I celebrated with a special edition Roger B t-shirt that was printed by CY Clothing line (from the creators of Cooyah Clothing Line). The idea was to brand the name Roger B and take advantage of the many folks that would come out and glorify Miami Carnival. Overall I thought it was a success. Every where I wore the t-shirt I saw eyes constantly roaming to read the saying "Who The FUCK is Roger B" which was printed on the t-shirt. For those who were not familiar with the name Roger B Stillz I told them to google it. Many however, were familiar with the name and congratulated me on my work. Thanks to those who do recognize and appreciate my work. Thanks to those who read my blog and enjoy reading it and thanks for supporting my work. I printed a very limited amount of these shirts since this was more of a branding experiment for me and was amazed by the amount of request for a shirt that I received. If you must have one of these shirts feel free to email me and it could be arranged.Roger B StillzWho the Fuck is Roger B Hot off the Press