Carnival Queen Arrested

The caribbean community is South FLorida has one thing on their minds for this weekend and that is Carnival. Carnival as it is celebrated in Trinidad and Tobago is also celebrated in cities worldwide. As with other Carnivals, many participants wear elaborate costumes, often decorated with feathers and sequins. Carnival bands are organized groups made up of participants who pay for costumes fashioned by a designer and assembled by teams of volunteers. The costumed participants dance through the streets to the sounds of a steel band, a soca band or a d.j. - this is called "playing mas'". The image below was inspired by carnival but with my twist to it. The image was captured in Kingston Jamaica at Coronation Market. I have to say that this was one of my craziest shoots to date. I will be revealing a few more pics so stay tuned.

If you're playing Mas in Miami carnival and would like to participate in my on going carnival costume shoot please try and save your costume with head piece and send me an email letting me know you would like to be apart of the project. Unfortunately I will not be in town for Miami Carnival on Sunday so I will miss my ritual of photographing the event.