Miami Carnival 2016

Jamaica Carnival 2015

Trinidad carnival 2015 in the books and now Jamaica Carnival 2015 is in the books. Had a blast with all my friends and great seeing some that I haven't seen in a long time. Hope you enjoy the pics. Feel free to share and follow on instagram at RogerBstillz.

Jamaica Carnival 2014

Jamaica Carnival 2014 is in the books.

Miami Carnival 2013

Miami Carnival 2013 is now a thing of the past. The carnival was held at Sun Life Stadium and I'm definitely not a fan of this location for carnival. However the company I was with made me over look the venue and enjoyed what the carnival had to offer. Most of my pictures are from the band Generation X - that's the band most of my friends were in. Hope you enjoy the pics.

Toronto's Caribana 2013

After attending carnivals in Miami, Jamaica, and Trinidad I wasn't impressed with Toronto's Caribana. There was a lot of down time, a lot of standing around and a lack of continuous vibes. The lack of liquor Im sure was a minus on the overall carnival. Besides that, the women were gorgeous and the costumes were great. Thanks to Dj Dorenzo for adding some life to the carnival and playing music with the flow and energy Im use to. Up next Miami Carnival. Hope you enjoy the pictures.