When In Rome

A few weeks ago I traveled to Italy on a four city stop.  My first was the Eternal City, Rome. From Miami, FL we flew to Chicago which was about a 3 hr flight then from there we flew straight to Rome which was about a little over 8hrs.  We only had 2 days in Rome so time was limited. We stayed at The Building Hotel which is pretty close to everything.  In Rome its fairly easy to get around. You can walk or take a cab. Our average cab fair was between 8-16 Euros. Cost of the taxi increases at night.


Attractions - We visited a few of the popular attractions like St Peter's Basilica, Vatican City, The Colosseum, The Pantheon, Trevi Fountain and The Roman Forum.  We took a tour of The Vatican Museum.  The Trevi Fountain, The Roman Forum are free so no need getting tickets for them.  Before you go to the Colosseum visit the Roman Forum first.  Buy your tickets online in advance directly from The Colosseum site and the Vatican website or else you will be waiting a long time to get in.  They are definitely worth the visit.  The Vatican tour to me was a bit too long. If you're into history then you may enjoy it.

Weather - I couldn't have asked for better weather while I was there. I basically wore shorts and t-shirts during the day and at nights you may need a light sweater.

Food- The food there is amazing. Some of the best food I've had in my life.  Do not eat close to the attractions because it will be more expensive.  Instead go to the local restaurants that aren't too touristy.  If you order pizza it won't come sliced. You have to cut it yourself or asked for it to be sliced.  Ask for the house wine, its normally cheaper and pretty good.  Be careful what you order because if you order something and change your mind because you don't like it after one bite you will still have to pay for it.  Make sure you order cappuccino and of course gelato.  Gelato shops are on every corner so it won't be hard to find.  The best service I received while in Rome was from Roma Sparita.  You must make a reservation to get in.  There was a cover charge for normally around 2-3 euros and when I asked what was that for I was told for the just sitting down or for the napkins lol smdh

Tips - Wear comfortable shoes because you will walk a lot. Bring sunblock depending on the time of year.  Do not let "Do you have wifi" be the first thing out of your mouth because Italians don't like that. They may actually be mean to you after if thats the first thing you ask for lol.

If you don't speak Italian you will be fine. A lot of Italian I encountered spoke english and if they don't you should still be fine. Its a very busy city, sort of reminded me a bit like New York.  I only stayed 2 days but think I would have preferred staying 3 days instead.  Over all nice city.

Below is a quick highlight video from Rome. Hope you enjoy it.