All Fruits Ripe

I'm late on posting this image and maybe a few of you have already seen it first release on my instagram account. From there the image pretty much took over instagram's explore page along with numerous repost. It also made its way on Facebook and just from one account on Facebook (not even my account) it has already amassed over 5ooo likes and 117 shares. I guess its safe to say that the masses love this image. About the image - the model is Kimberley Grant.  This was not the image we were suppose to capture that day but due to the cloudy weather we decided to move inside and try something else.  As destiny would have it, we captured this simple but beautiful fan favorite image. I call it "All Fruits Ripe."

When I shoot I do try to make it a memorable image that once you see it you won't forget it.  If you're a fan of my work 5-10 years from now if I ask you "do you remember the pic I took of the beautiful lady with the fruits in the kitchen" it should immediately come to the foreground of your mind.  Not everyone will enjoy this image and that's fine; I shoot for myself not to please people.  But if the majority likes it and you don't then it could be a reflection of you.  Thanks to all those who enjoy the image and stay tuned for what comes next.

Smile Kimberley