2011 Miami Carnival Is Almost Here

This past Saturday at Sunlife Stadium was the band launching for the 2011 Miami's Carnival. A lot of bands showcased their carnival costumes but there were still a few who didn't. From what I saw the costumes looked very nice but still have a ways to go before carnival arrives. On sunday I got invited to Sizwe C video launch and while their I saw Melissa who I met at the band launch. She was rocking her costume from Carnival Ascension and I had to get a few pics of her. We did a quick impromptu shoot and below are two of the images. There are more images from the impromptu shoot but Im photographing a Carnival Series so you have to wait until October to see more of them. If you're a band in this year 2011 Miami Carnival and would like to volunteer your costume for a shoot send me and email. Thanks to Melissa, Jo-Ann, Carlos and Kris & Will from Carnival Ascension. To view more of Carnival Ascension 2011 carnival costumes visit there site at www.carnivalascension.com