Floatopia Miami 2015

This past weekend the first Floatopia Miami of 2015 took place and there was definitely an increase in the turnout.  For those who are not aware, Floatopia Miami is an epic gathering on floats that takes over South Pointe Park Beach a couple times a year. Its a free event that promotes good ole fashion floating fun.  The only thing they ask and I ask is that you PICK UP after yourselves and leave the beach as beautiful as you saw it.  This time around I even noticed a clean up crew walking around asking if they could get rid of our trash for us which I thought was very nice.  Below are a few pics I captured incase you missed it.  Feel free to follow me on instagram for more pics at Rogerbstillz.

Floatopia Miami 2014

Another Floatopia Miami is registered in the books. If you missed it enjoy these pics until the next one.

Trinidad's Carnival Tuesday 2013

I've now made it to Trinidad's Carnival two years in a row. I had a blast last year and this year was no different. If you have never been to carnival in Trinidad put it on your list and start saving from now lol because things can be a bit costly. Once that's out of the way its pure niceness. When you can provide me with good friends, great music, beautiful women in costumes, and allow me to photograph them for two days I'm always going to be a happy individual. With that said below are some shots I captured during Carnival Tuesday with Island People. Enjoy and share. Supa Supa Supa Supa :)

Floatopia Miami

Floatopia is known for floating on rafts, other home-made or store bought floating devices and partying at the beach. The event started out on the West Coast in small numbers but has since traveled across the country in increasing numbers. Yesterday South Florida welcomed up the event for the first time and below are some of the pics.