Trinidad 2013 Carnival Monday

Trinidad 2013 Carnival Monday with Island People Mas.

Jamaica Carnival 2011

It's been well over ten years that I last experience Jamaica's carnival so I was well overdue. Around 10am I met up with my favorite Jamaican photographer Dwayne Watkins and his assistant Steven. From there we were off to a very adventurous day. We started out with the intention of only marching halfway but the carnival vibe hit us early and we couldn't seem to break away. I was warned that it normally rains every year for Jamaica's carnival and yes this year was no exception. Luckily my camera bag has a rain coat; however, the down pour was so hard we had to seek shelter. Eventually the rain passed and it was back on the road again. Continuing on the journey I met up with Dj Bambino & Dj Walshy Fire and this is where the fun began. Deciding that we needed a bit more vibes Dj Bambino took over a truck and tore the place down playing all the soca favorites. I must add that I'm very impressed with this year's soca and next year God willing I will try for Trinidad's carnival.