Jamaica Carnival 2014

Jamaica Carnival 2014 is in the books.

Jamaica Carnival 2013

I survived Jamaica Carnival 2013. Thanks to all those who showed my camera love.

Trinidad Carnival 2012 With Dj Bambino

Trinidad's carnival is one of the best carnivals in the world. If the Trini's aren't celebrating it, then they are preparing for it, while reminiscing about last year carnival. The video below is a recap video of Carnival 2012 in Trinidad. Yes I know its late but better late than never. I had a great time last year; unfortunately, I won't be able to make it this year :( but hopefully I will be back in 2014. Take a look at the video as Dj Bambino takes you back to Carnival 2012 in Trinidad. Trinidad Carnival 2012


Jamaica Carnival 2011

It's been well over ten years that I last experience Jamaica's carnival so I was well overdue. Around 10am I met up with my favorite Jamaican photographer Dwayne Watkins and his assistant Steven. From there we were off to a very adventurous day. We started out with the intention of only marching halfway but the carnival vibe hit us early and we couldn't seem to break away. I was warned that it normally rains every year for Jamaica's carnival and yes this year was no exception. Luckily my camera bag has a rain coat; however, the down pour was so hard we had to seek shelter. Eventually the rain passed and it was back on the road again. Continuing on the journey I met up with Dj Bambino & Dj Walshy Fire and this is where the fun began. Deciding that we needed a bit more vibes Dj Bambino took over a truck and tore the place down playing all the soca favorites. I must add that I'm very impressed with this year's soca and next year God willing I will try for Trinidad's carnival.