My Documentary

I'm pleased to announce that my documentary is in the final stages. The documentary will be titled "The Forgotten Defenders" it's directed by me (Roger B) and its about: The battle cry of one man who embarks on a cross country journey with the most heavily armed motorcycle on the planet to help raise awareness of the plight of his homeless Vet brothers and to try and raise funds to help make a difference. “We don’t leave our wounded behind on the battlefield and I should not leave them behind on the streets”

The names below are those that were very helpful in making this vision come to life and a special thanks goes out to them. Robert Harris, Nicole Gilliam, Langston Bates, Lazmel Melendez, Bobby Oneill, Gian Gordon-Whyte, Terrance Clarke, and if I forgot anyone please forgive me.

I will be releasing the trailer very soon so stay tuned