My Documentary

I'm pleased to announce that my documentary is in the final stages. The documentary will be titled "The Forgotten Defenders" it's directed by me (Roger B) and its about: The battle cry of one man who embarks on a cross country journey with the most heavily armed motorcycle on the planet to help raise awareness of the plight of his homeless Vet brothers and to try and raise funds to help make a difference. “We don’t leave our wounded behind on the battlefield and I should not leave them behind on the streets”

The names below are those that were very helpful in making this vision come to life and a special thanks goes out to them. Robert Harris, Nicole Gilliam, Langston Bates, Lazmel Melendez, Bobby Oneill, Gian Gordon-Whyte, Terrance Clarke, and if I forgot anyone please forgive me.

I will be releasing the trailer very soon so stay tuned

The Appreciated Journey

I'm finally back home after a long weekend of traveling that took me to Houston, TX and San Antonio TX. I have embarked on a journey with my father who is riding cross-country to raise funds and awareness for less fortunate war vets. This weekend have reminded me that I have a lot to be thankful for regardless of how little we think we have. My father who is a Vietnam vet decided to bring me along on his journey so I could document his journey but also to show me what life is like for some less fortunate vets. I did meet some very nice folks who are doing a lot for the veterans but there is still more that needs to be done. For those helping I commend them on the job they are doing. I had the opportunity to see how the government treats some of there vets and I just think more should be done for those that went off to war to protect our great country. Some of these vets are still homeless, some are recovering addicts, some are making the best of it, some still haven't gotten over the war experience, some stays locked up in shelter as a modern day fox hole and the ones who understand are often times the ones who are helping in what ever way they can. I can't speak on war because I haven't been to war but in your next encounter with a veteran just telling them Thanks does a lot for them. My next stop will be Phoenix and I will keep you updated as i continue the journey. I do plan on showing the footage once it's all done so stay tuned and I will keep you posted.

Special Thanks to the US Vets at Midtown Terrace for a wonderful job they are doing and of course to all the Vets I have met and had the chance to speak with.

Most of the documenting is captured on video but for my next post regarding this trip I will try to have some photos.