World Premiere --Official Music Video for Good Ole Bike

The Good Ole Bike music video was filmed in Negril,Jamaica during ATI weekend and South Florida. The video was suppose to be shot the saturday of ATI weekend but due to heavy rains we had to push the shoot to sunday. Sunday turned out to be the better day to shoot because we were blessed with the riders you see in the video. ATI/Dream weekend is a very busy weekend in Negril to get around with a car so we decided this would be a fun weekend to film Good Ole Bike since that was our mode of transportation. If it wasn't for our Good Ole Bike it would have taken us hours to travel five miles due to all the traffic. Thanks to everyone who lent their support: Scuf, Jason, Theo, Mandi, Sophia, Johnathan, Jeremy, Vivian, Carlos, Collin and Gizelle. I hope you all enjoy the video. [youtube=]