Di Curry Tek Mi

First I must say Happy New Years and all the best for 2013. Thanks to all my subscribers and those who constantly follow my work, I really appreciate it. With that said my first post for 2013 is of a video I filmed over two years ago. This video is of Dj Bambino who stopped by his Mom on the way back from a party with Burger (Yes thats his real name). Bambino's Mom fed them both but for some reason the curry affected Burger. A few weeks later Bambino stop by to hail up Burger and he talks about the incident. Enjoy Boom


World Premiere --Official Music Video for Good Ole Bike

The Good Ole Bike music video was filmed in Negril,Jamaica during ATI weekend and South Florida. The video was suppose to be shot the saturday of ATI weekend but due to heavy rains we had to push the shoot to sunday. Sunday turned out to be the better day to shoot because we were blessed with the riders you see in the video. ATI/Dream weekend is a very busy weekend in Negril to get around with a car so we decided this would be a fun weekend to film Good Ole Bike since that was our mode of transportation. If it wasn't for our Good Ole Bike it would have taken us hours to travel five miles due to all the traffic. Thanks to everyone who lent their support: Scuf, Jason, Theo, Mandi, Sophia, Johnathan, Jeremy, Vivian, Carlos, Collin and Gizelle. I hope you all enjoy the video. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16z876Q8iyQ]

Good Ole Bike----The Video Coming Soon

Look out for Dj Bambino's Good Ole Bike Video coming soon. The majority of the video was filmed in Negril Jamaica during ATI weekend and a few other scenes were filmed in South FL. This should be a very entertaining one so stay tuned.

If you would like your copy of a Good Ole Bike T-shirt you can get them at http://rbowes1.photobiz.com/cart/product_detail.cfm?productID=164987

Thanks for coming through Sophia and thanks for the bike Theo

The Clappers Video

Trever Off Key aka Dj Bambino is at it again. This time with Clappers which is a parody from Bruno Mars Grenade. The video was shot in Miami, FL. Initially there were no plans on doing a video for this song but his facebook fans wanted a video so we decided to fulfill their requests. Special thanks to Collin who gave up his sunday to help me shoot and edit it. Special thanks to Aisha for her cameo on such short notice. Thanks to the Church for spot light. Thanks to Homer for the empty warehouse. Thanks to Gisel for helping me with the design for the t-shirt. This video is strictly for entertainment purposes. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFPJXIKMaHs]

The Story of Baby FLUFF

The story of two year old Baby Fluff started when Dj Bambino was playing at a function in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Baby Fluff mother told Bambino that Baby Fluff would dance if he played a certain song. After playing the request Baby Fluff had the crowd dancing to her moves and was a crowd favorite for the night. A couple months later we revisited Montego Bay and ran into Baby Fluff. This time we were greeted by a foul mouth Baby Fluff. Curse words after curse words were all we heard from Baby Fluff after trying to say hi to her. We were all shock to hear the words coming out of Baby Fluff mouth as her Mom stood alongside her and did nothing. These are not words that should be coming from a two year old but needless to say I found it very humorous.

Hope you enjoy Baby Fluff [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cq1wWLrt_4Y]

Expose Jan.29th 2011

Expose yourself to a new reality. Things aren't always what they seem. You see people who you think you know and make assumptions about who they are. Do you know how they got there, do you know there struggles, do you know they hustles? Who are we to judge and place a steriotype against them, without knowing who they really are. Expose is a short documentary style film that takes you into the lives of a few individuals and shows that there is more to them than what you see. Things aren't always as they seem. Exposing their lives, the truth and the untold. Expose is also a party that will take place on January 29th 2011 at Chu's which is located at 2728 Ponce De Leon Blvd. Coral Gables FL, 33134. The main purpose of this event is to have a great time but also to raise the necessary funds to edit the short documentary. Zj Bambino from Jamaica's Zipfm (same guy who brought you songs like Miss My Cooking and Fake Jeans Admit It) will be in spinning your favorite songs along with Addy from Eccentrix Sound. The event will start at 11pm and continue to 4am. Thanks in advance for your support and let us look forward to a great and productive 2011.