All Fruits Ripe

I'm late on posting this image and maybe a few of you have already seen it first release on my instagram account. From there the image pretty much took over instagram's explore page along with numerous repost. It also made its way on Facebook and just from one account on Facebook (not even my account) it has already amassed over 5ooo likes and 117 shares. I guess its safe to say that the masses love this image. About the image - the model is Kimberley Grant.  This was not the image we were suppose to capture that day but due to the cloudy weather we decided to move inside and try something else.  As destiny would have it, we captured this simple but beautiful fan favorite image. I call it "All Fruits Ripe."

When I shoot I do try to make it a memorable image that once you see it you won't forget it.  If you're a fan of my work 5-10 years from now if I ask you "do you remember the pic I took of the beautiful lady with the fruits in the kitchen" it should immediately come to the foreground of your mind.  Not everyone will enjoy this image and that's fine; I shoot for myself not to please people.  But if the majority likes it and you don't then it could be a reflection of you.  Thanks to all those who enjoy the image and stay tuned for what comes next.

Smile Kimberley

Art Basel 2013

Art Basel 2013 is now a thing of the past. It's something that I look forward to every year as a source of inspiration and it hasn't disappointed me. If you haven't been I urge you to check it out next year even if you're not a fan of art. Below are a few pics I captured while in attendance. Art Truck

Art Porche

Rubell Family Collection

Rubell Family Collection

Who The F**K is Roger B

The video Who The Fuck Is Roger B is a conversation with Director & Photographer Roger B Stillz talking about his work and what inspires him. The videos gives some insight on Who Roger B Stillz is. Special Thanks to everyone who took part in the video. I don't want to lose my name because that's how I know myself. There is a Legacy here.


Art Walk Miami

Every second Saturday dozens of the independent galleries in the Wynwood Art District open their doors for Art Walk, each venue offering their own exhibitions, entertainment, refreshments and vibes. Participating galleries open their doors around 4pm and stay open until 9 p.m. or later, giving visitors a chance to wander to many of the galleries located in the blocks between NW 20th and NW 36th Streets west of N. Miami Avenue. It's hard to get to all of the venues unless you plan to spend majority of your night walking. Art walk is a great way to meet local artist and to be inspired if you're an artist yourself. Support the ARTS

Trever Off Key upcoming video

First we brought you "Miss My Cooking" followed by "Fake Jeans" and this past Sunday we were at it again. Trever Off Key and I teamed up once again for another music video. My accomplishments on this project were the results of the combined effort of each individual that wanted to see my vision come to life. Special thanks to my mini team for putting up with me:Gian - Thanks for always believing in me & pushing me Dominique - You're the bestest & sorry about your phone :( Clivia - Always great as usual Kerry - Next time you need to be on set J Will - Boom Boom Boom Boom Xavier - Thanks for the location.....Boom Boom Boom Boom Rochelle - Thanks for the location Tracey - Thanks for the AMG Fatz - Can always count on you if my brain is frozen Via Venti Cafe - part of the video was filmed here. They are located at 2001 Harrison St. Hollywood FL and they have some of the best ice cream in town. Also a nice place to hang out or take a date if you're on a budget :)

The video is now in the post production stage so stay tuned for a release date. Action conquers fear.

Silent Auction For Miami Heart Gallery

Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting the silent auction for the Miami Heart Gallery. The Heart Gallery is a series of traveling photographic and multimedia exhibits created to find forever families for children in foster care. The Heart Gallery of America is a collaborative project of over 120 Heart Galleries across the United States (and growing) designed to increase the number of adoptive families for children needing homes in our community. The Heart Gallery model is being replicated in many communities across the country. A friend of mine (Leonette) reached out to me asking I would like to participate by donating one of my photographs for the auction. I agreed and donated my photographed titled "Change." Change was captured back in 2008 at one of Barack Obama rallies that I attended. I'm not sure who the final bid went to but I do hope they enjoy the image as much as I do. Change will be a limited edition print. If you would like a print for your own personal collection feel free to contact me.

You too can volunteer or donate by visiting there website at

My T-Shirt Project

This past weekend was the 25th Anniversary of Miami Carnival. For the celebration I celebrated with a special edition Roger B t-shirt that was printed by CY Clothing line (from the creators of Cooyah Clothing Line). The idea was to brand the name Roger B and take advantage of the many folks that would come out and glorify Miami Carnival. Overall I thought it was a success. Every where I wore the t-shirt I saw eyes constantly roaming to read the saying "Who The FUCK is Roger B" which was printed on the t-shirt. For those who were not familiar with the name Roger B Stillz I told them to google it. Many however, were familiar with the name and congratulated me on my work. Thanks to those who do recognize and appreciate my work. Thanks to those who read my blog and enjoy reading it and thanks for supporting my work. I printed a very limited amount of these shirts since this was more of a branding experiment for me and was amazed by the amount of request for a shirt that I received. If you must have one of these shirts feel free to email me and it could be arranged.Roger B StillzWho the Fuck is Roger B Hot off the Press

The Making of the Confession Photo

First off I would like to say that NOT ALL my images are a true reflection of my personal belief. I would also like to say that I have nothing against any religion and Im a believer in God. Now with that out the way lets get to the creation of this image. I have always questioned a certain practice of going to someone behind a wall and asking them to forgive me of my sins. The person you are asking for forgiveness from could be committing more serious sins than what you're asking forgiveness of. So thats the thought process of the creation of this image.

I have scouted numerous churches looking for a confession booth but most that I came across were too small for me to use even if permission were granted and I don't think any church would allow me to shoot there once they saw all the props I had: cross, picture of Jesus, the bible, magazine with little boy on the cover, flour that looks like cocaine, shot glass and a bottle of appleton rum. So, I set out to make my own confession booth. The booth that you see is basically three white walls brought together to make a small box. The cross, the kneeling stool and the see through vent on the wall were all made for me by my friend Jessie Melero. The Jesus poster I bought and had Jessie frame for me. The bible and flour were provided by my cousin. The boy on the cover of the magazine, the shot glass and the appleton rum was provided by myself and I bought the cross at Michael's. The lovely model was played by Maylin Estevez and my friend Eric played the priest. This was shot at the Abro Gallery in the design district that have had my work on display in the past.

So the scene reads of a young lady confessing her sins to a priest who is not really listening to her but instead was more focus in reading a children book while sipping on his appleton and sorting cocaine. The seven lines on the bible indicate the seven deadly sins.

All this maybe hard to see in this small image but if you were at my exhibition and saw the actually image you would see all the details a lot better.

So thats the story of this image.


Special THANKS to all that helped make my vision come through.


We are two weeks away from ART AXIS. ART AXIS is an Art Exhibition benefiting the Children's Home Society of Florida. Abused. Abandoned. Forgotten. These are the children, The Children's Home Society of Florida protects, guides, and loves. It’s through the generosity of our caring friends that they are able to change children’s lives and transform our communities. But recent governmental cuts have already reduced funding to Florida’s child protection services by nearly $19 million. As the tough economy challenges families and increases burdens on overwhelmed parents and their innocent children, they need our support more than ever.

At ART AXIS we will be collecting donations & 100% of the donations will go to the Children's Home Society of Florida, the artists will also give 20% from any sales during the event. No donation is considered too small & if you cant afford to donate money feel free to look up a charity organization and donate your time. Its time for us to start giving back to our communities, so lets all get involved.

ART AXIS will feature my photography along with Phil Fung, Josafat Miranda and Newton Wallace and is curated by Ada Balcacer.

The works can be viewed at: flickr: Josafat Miranda

This event takes place on August 8th 2009 from 6pm-10pm at the Miami Art Space 244 NW 35th Street Miami, FL 33127 (Design District)

Entry is COMPLIMENTARY & there will be wine & Hors D'oeuvre. I'm not responsible if you get there too late and all the wine is finished. Feel free to bring a friend or friends. Dress code is gallery attire so ladies dress sexy :) guys try and look nice for the ladies. Special THANKS to all involved in making this happen. OTHER NEWS I'm still working on my documentary and when it's completed I'm thinking of having a viewing so I can get some feedback before I start entering it into film competition. I will keep you posted on the updates.

Thanks Roger B www.rogerbstillz.comArt Axis Miami Art Space